I’m nobody. Who are you?

about the writing

Donald Murray says that the strongest writing muscle you have is your ass. According to him, the writer is defined not necessarily by her ability to write, but by the amount of time she spends with her ass in a chair writing. This blog began in 2010 because I needed a place to put the writing that might happen if I held my ass accountable to the chair.

Rather than giving you a daily run-down of the mundane, I work in vignettes––the patch of sunlight on the kitchen floor the day after I said that awful thing, the shape of my mom’s collar bone, my child’s fear of jellyfish coming up through the drain of our bathtub, the sound of suitcases zipping up in the other room.

about the pictures

Many of the images come from David Parker, who is a photographer who has been working in the film industry in Atlanta, GA for over a decade. For more information about him and his work, please visit his website. If they came from me, he taught me how.

and if this work inspires you…

Check out what we’re doing over at Room Eleven Media. We are driven by story (aren’t we all), and so, we made a business that would allow us to tell stories. For a living.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Really pleased to see that you’ve got lots of writing to unwind this year. Good luck with your project, now that you’ve gotten past the obstacle of ‘inspiration’ and found a comfortable seated position.

  2. I am overwhelmed and inspired by your writing and have been reading your posts for an hour! I could never begin to pick a favorite. I am moved by your openness, honesty, and talent and look forward to reading more.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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